Catering Director
Patrick Hockenbury

(309) 677-3963

Patrick’s life passion has always been working in the catering industry; he has spent the last 24 years striving for the wow factor in his work. Patrick focuses on making sure products and presentation are to the client’s satisfaction and believes you can never go too far to please a client. Patrick says one of the best feelings is when a client is satisfied with their event.
Patrick was first introduced to the catering industry by seeing his mom work a variety of catering jobs in the Peoria area for different hotels and the Peoria Civic Center. He got his first job at 15 years old working as a cook; his career then blossomed when he discovered he enjoys more of the set up and customer interaction side of catering. Patrick is very passionate about learning new things and says you can never stop learning.
Patrick has worked in a variety of locations, including the Parke Regency Hotel and Conference Center, and the Ramada Inn. Patrick first originally worked at Bradley from 2012 till 2016, where he left to work as the Assistant Director of Dining Services at Monmouth College, before coming back to Bradley this year.
Patrick is looking forward to seeing what the future holds for catering and hopes to do some volunteering around Peoria. He resides in the Peoria area with his two dogs, Murphy and Finn. When not working, Patrick likes to spend time in his garden, particularly around the fire pit, and taking care of Murphy and Finn.

Catering Administrative Assistant
Marla Kerrn